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We are looking for energetic individuals who wish to learn and participate in the development of a start-up business. We offer great employment conditions, and the opportunity to work all year-round in a climate-controlled environment.

The required training will be entirely given through a drop-in program provided by the organization. 

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The tasks of the Pickers consist mainly of taking care of the plants by carrying out various tasks. The picker’s principal job is to harvest mature vegetables with care and to place them carefully into boxes or transport carts for them to be moved to the packaging room. Depending on the assigned task at the beginning of the working day, the picker may be asked to perform other duties including; pruning, deleaving, clipping or lowering.

Les tâches consistent principalement à prendre soin du plan en effectuant différentes tâches. La première tâche du cueilleur est de récolter les légumes matures en respectant le plan et de les déposer soigneusement dans les boites ou chariots de transport afin qu’ils soient transportés à la salle d’emballage. Selon la tâche qui lui est assignée au moment de débuter la journée, le cueilleur peut être appelé à faire l’épuration des fruits (qu’on appelle communément le prunning), à faire l’épuration des feuilles (deleaving), à attacher le plan pour la croissance (faire le clipping) ou encore à faire la descente des plans (lowering). 

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