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We are looking for energetic individuals who wish to learn and participate in the development of a start-up business. We offer great employment conditions, and the opportunity to work all year-round in a climate-controlled environment.

The required training will be entirely given through a drop-in program provided by the organization. 

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Packaging Room Officer

The tasks consist of putting the fresh produce into proper boxes or containers to ship them to the supplier while carefully monitoring the weight of the packaged products and taking special precautions to prevent the produce from being damaged. 

Les tâches consistent à mettre les produits frais dans les boites ou les contenants requis pour les expédier au fournisseur, tout en ayant un souci de précision concernant le poids des produits emballés et en prenant les précautions nécessaires pour éviter que le produit ne soit endommagé. 

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