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We are looking for energetic individuals who wish to learn and participate in the development of a start-up business. We offer great employment conditions, and the opportunity to work all year-round in a climate-controlled environment.

The required training will be entirely given through a drop-in program provided by the organization. 

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Logistics Clerk

The tasks of the Logistics Clerk consist mainly of ensuring continuity between the greenhouse and packaging room. The main task is to prepare the boxes and carts required for vegetable picking. Then, he or she will ensure the transportation of these boxes and carts towards the packaging room in order to provide enough fresh produce to keep the packaging room busy. Subsequently, when transport boxes are empty of vegetables, the Logistics Clerk makes sure all the boxes are clean either by using high pressure cleaning or by placing them in the box cleaner. 

Les tâches consistent principalement à s’assurer d’une fluidité entre la serre et la salle d’emballage. La tâche première consiste à préparer les chariots et les boites requises pour la cueillette des légumes. Par la suite, le préposé à la logistique assure le transport des boites et chariots pleins vers la salle d’emballage afin que l’emballage ne manque pas de produits frais à emballer. Par la suite, lorsque les légumes ont libérés les boites de transport, il s’assure de l’hygiène de ces boites en procédant soit au nettoyage haute pression, soit au nettoyage dans le lave-boite. 

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