Toundra greenhouse

Project background

The project began in August 2013, at a time when actions and research were undertaken in order to outline the plan. Our project really took off in March, 2014 when it was officially announced in collaboration with our business partners and project’s makers:

  • $100m of private sector investment
  • More than 400 jobs
  • Economic diversification of the region
  • High-tech industry
  • Largest producer of cucumber in Quebec ! 

These were some of the press conference key words. Developers wish to set up a high-tech business in a field that is virtually nonexistent in our province, and to ensure the greatest possible benefits for our sector.

Our project aims to transform Quebec into a self-sufficient producer in terms of its own vegetable consumption, and to reduce the amount of imported vegetables in order to provide highly fresh products. The initial phase is to grow cucumbers; whose popularity is constantly increasing in Québec. The greenhouses are operating year-round; which is rarely seen in our province. Upon the completion of the four project phases, we plan on hiring 400 employees. Ultimately, we will own a total area of 46 hectares making us the largest greenhouse project in Quebec. The greenhouses will occupy a 34-hectare area of land, and this by using the highest quality technology for greenhouse production and with the assistance of the world’s best consultants. 

Project progress information

Overview of the 4 main phases…

Phase 1

Preparing the land, installation of the 3000 greenhouse supporting piles, construction of the first water retention reservoir and construction of the technical building. Construction of the greenhouses on a surface area of 8.5 hectares and the interior design of the technical building, including all of the necessary equipment.

Phase 2

Building of the second production module on 8.5 hectares of land.

Phase 3:

Building of the third production module on 8.5 hectares of land.

Phase 4:

Building of the fourth production module on 8.5 hectares of land.


In the end, we will cultivate 34 hectares of land representing 3,200,000 square ft. of greenhouses. Our technical building will cover an area of 7,500 square metres, which represents 75,000 square feet.

The yearly production will cover a large part of the English and Lebanese cucumber consumption in Quebec.