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All Toundra Greenhouses cucumbers are non-GMO, which goes hand in hand with our values ​​of offering a quality product with less impact on the environment.

english cucumber

Tastes like real garden cucumber with a thin, seedless peel.

They differ from what is currently on store shelves because they do not have the so-called longer end which is often a waste in the eyes of consumers. This therefore results in saving money. In addition, the weight of Toundra Greenhouses cucumbers is greater than what is currently on the market.

Mini cucumber

The mini cucumber is a juicy and crunchy variety with a delicate and fresh taste. It has a smooth, thin skin and is perfect for snacking.

nordic cucumber

Toundra Greenhouses are the only ones to produce this variety in Canada! Their size is between mini cucumbers and English cucumbers. They are also crunchy and juicy.