Our Relish

Veggie equality

Although divergent in appearance, the vegetables found in our relish are just as juicy and tasty.

  • Nordic Relish

    Our relish is made from daily-fresh cucumbers, repurposed because they’re too long or too short for standard packaging. It's prepared on site for incomparable quality and taste. Use our relish to liven up your favourite dishes or add even more freshness to your salads. Say goodbye gherkins — our relish is a guaranteed explosion of flavour!

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    375 ml
    Nordic Relish

Environmental implications

Contributing to food self-sufficiency while respecting our environment, one action at a time.

We are constantly looking for improvements to reduce our ecological footprint. We're always exploring new ways of packaging and eco-design, always aiming for more sustainable options for our products. Find out more about our concrete environmental actions in the environmental implications section.

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Shrimp with pineapple and relish chimichurri

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