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Fresh as can be and nothing in between.

Do you love fresh, crisp cucumbers? You've come to the right place! Our cucumber varieties lend themselves to all kinds of recipes.

  • Mini Cucumbers

    The little brother that holds his own, the mini cucumber is a juicy, crunchy variety with a delicate, fresh taste. With its smooth, thin skin, it's the perfect snack.

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    Pack of 6
    Mini Cucumbers
  • Nordic Cucumbers

    Exclusively Canadian from Serres Toundra, these northern cucumbers are between English and mini cucumbers. Medium size, crisp, and juicy as can be.

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    Pack of 3
    Nordic Cucumbers
  • English cucumber

    The classic cucumber you’ve come to love, but with the Toundra touch that makes all the difference. Garden-fresh cucumbers, with a thin skin and no seeds that weigh more than its shelf cousins i.e., more delicious veggies to enjoy!

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    Single or 3 pack
    English cucumber

Environmental Implications

Contributing to food self-sufficiency while respecting our environment, one action at a time.

We are constantly looking for improvements to reduce our ecological footprint. We're always exploring new ways of packaging and eco-design, always aiming for more sustainable options for our products. Find out more about our concrete environmental actions in the environmental implications section.

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