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English Cucumbers That Speak Fluent French.

Serres Toundra is located in the heart of Quebec, in Saint-Félicien at Lac-Saint-Jean – we're proud to grow locally for the locals.

Our products stand out for their freshness and quality, while our environmental performance is state-of-the-art. Suffice it to say, we make quality products sustainably.

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Homegrown Culture

In our tundra, everything is designed to give our vegetables the perfect crunch – come rain or come shine, summer and winter.

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Greenhouses Housing Quebec Produce

Sprouting in 2016, Serres Toundra has carved out a place for itself as Quebec's largest cucumber producer

From the outset, our priority has always been to produce tasty, high-quality cucumbers, while minimizing our environmental footprint through innovative growing techniques. We sought to follow in Holland’s footsteps, a country renowned for its agricultural expertise, by spending nearly 6 months there. This immersion allowed us to discover the best technologies and adapt them to our climate and needs for food self-sufficiency.

Enlightened by this learning experience, we built a state-of-the-art greenhouse complex. We are still constantly striving to improve our farming practices in order to minimize our ecological footprint and offer you fresh, crisp cucumbers year-round.

Friendly Nordic Vegetables
28 hectares
of production
+ 3 million
families fed
locally per year
225 people
with us

Fun Fact

We don't use drinking water to grow our vegetables. Instead, they’re watered using our outdoor rainwater harvesting basin. Moreover, part of our greenhouses are heated using heat recovered from the nearby factory, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

Why Choose Toundra Vegetables?

For the best taste: superior quality, flavour, and freshness
For the local economy: support a Quebec product that’s close to markets
For food self-sufficiency: promoting local, sustainable production practices

Awards & Recognition


(Hautement distinctif)


Environnement et développement durable


Nouvelle entreprise de l'année


CHAMPION, pour la région du Sagenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

Pushing the Boundaries of Eco-Responsibility

Striving for Sustainable Packaging

We’ve succeeded in replacing all the styrofoam in our packaging by developing a compostable cardboard tray. The plastic used in our mini-cucumber packaging can be entirely recycled.

Reducing Landfills

Our shredder allows us to considerably reduce waste. We also burn leaf residues.

A Relish That Keeps on Giving

With our crooked cucumbers, we concoct a crunchy relish, thus contributing to the circular economy.

No Wasted Water

No drinking water is used to water our vegetables — we have a rainwater harvesting basin that supplies our growing needs.

Speaking of Water

We recover hot water from the nearby factory to heat part of our greenhouses.


Just like Mother Nature intended, our cucumbers are genetically unmodified.

Our Star Veggies

Taste our star veggies! Discover our entire selection of fresh cucumbers.

Crunchy Recipes

Shrimp with pineapple and relish chimichurri

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